Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Reopens Public Comments

Washington UTC Reopens Public Comments

Update: The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission has reopened the public comment and meeting process in light of the removal of Hydro One’s CEO and board by the new Premier in Ontario.

The state of Montana has approved the merger of Avista and Hydro One, but in their approval, they stated if they had more footprint of Avista in their state they would determine that the merger would NOT meet their standards, which is more ammo for our attorney.

We have forced the Idaho PUC to grant our group, avistacustomergroup.org, intervenor status for the July 23 evidentiary hearing in Boise due to the public’s and our group’s stance against approval. We also now have The Idaho Water Resource Board requesting intervenor status. This hearing is crucial to achieving our goal of stopping this merger/buyout.

Since Washington state has reopened their process, please send your comments to them by email or regular mail at your earliest convenience.

Use their online form HERE (limit 8,000 characters) or send them an email at comments@utc.wa.gov.

Refer to Docket No. U-170970 – Joint application of HYDRO ONE LIMITED and AVISTA CORPORATION

1 thought on “Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Reopens Public Comments

  1. Angelo Lonzisero Reply

    Lets get behind the group and push hard. We can achieve our goal of stopping this scam. The firing of the CEO of Hydro One and the entire board of directors will help our arguments that this company is not an acceptable owner/manager of the Pacific Northwest’s dams, water and utilities.

    Donate to avistacustomergroup.org to push us over the goaline !!!!!!

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