What would the sale of Avista give away?

The sale of Avista would GIVE a foreign government control over…

  • 7,700 MILES of Natural Gas lines
  • 19,000 MILES of electrical Distribution lines
  • Plus another 2,700 miles of high voltage lines
  • 374,000 Avista electric customers
  • 336,000 Avista gas customers
  • The 1.6 million people in the Avista service area
  • 13 dams
  • 1,028.6 MEGAWATTS of Hydroelectricity
  • 7 geothermal Generation locations
  • 13 subsidiaries of Avista Corp including large landholdings that are tax-free; a private equity firm; a development company already building in Spokane, WA; two gold mines in Alaska with proven reserves of over 2 billion dollars; and other holdings too numerous to mention here.
  • Water rights and flow control at the dam locations

Are we ready to hand all of these things over to another country? 

1 thought on “What would the sale of Avista give away?

  1. jo torczon Reply

    stop the sale or should it be called a give away. We do not want a socialist owning our water. They will increase rates and give poor service.

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