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Why We Fight

If this deal is approved, Avista will be fully owned by a foreign company controlled by the Province of Ontario!

“Ontario’s debt, which currently stands at $311.7 billion, is the most held by any sub-sovereign government in the world. It has also grown precipitously under the current Liberal government, who first took government when Ontario’s debt stood at $138.8 billion.” — Triston Hopper (National Post, April 1, 2018)

The Canadian company Hydro One is in the process of taking over an American utility, Avista Corp. This means the Province of Ontario would control more than 13 dams and other infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest, just before the re-negotiation of the important international “Columbia River Treaty” with Canada.

The merger is awaiting approval by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission (PUC) which will make its decision soon.

If approved, Avista would be fully owned by a foreign company which is controlled by the Province of Ontario holding 41% of its shares and maintains control over Hydro One. Hydro One operates under Canadian law and is governed by the Green Energy Act and other energy policies. Avista would be operating under foreign laws if this merger is approved. The founder of Hydro One is Maurice Strong, a declared socialist who was considered the Father of False Global Warming, and was the promoter of Global Governance by the UN, where he was the Energy Program Founder and architect of the Kyoto Protocol.

Hydro One intends to implement their renewable energy projects through Avista, and because of their green energy policies, Hydro One customers have experienced severe rate increases, to the point of having their electricity shut off due to inability to pay. Hydro One’s rates are currently more than three times the Avista rates at 28 cents per kWh versus just 8 cents. It is anticipated the same will happen to Avista customers should this merger be finalized.

This puts the Avista in a very precarious position as a utility that serves customers in several U.S. states. Avista customers would be at the mercy of a foreign government’s decisions.

Learn more and read other citizens’ objections by visiting this link to the Case Summary.

We will do our best to keep you informed.

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